Spark North Texas is a project created by Champion Impact Capital in connection with a grant from the US Economic Development Administration’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This technology platform’s purpose is to be a forum for investors and entrepreneurs to collaborate on initiatives to help the North Texas region recover from the pandemic. The system has been designed to be an educational tool only, presenting a variety of capitalization structures that may be considered by funders and entrepreneurs or project sponsors. Neither Spark North Texas, nor any of its affiliates, make representation or warranty as to the viability of any capitalization strategy for a specific project and are not responsible for the success or failure of the entrepreneur to achieve any funding for their project.

Additionally, projects “matched” to an investor based on inputs made by investors and entrepreneurs are in no way to be considered endorsements or recommendations for investment. This system is merely a platform for engagement and should not be construed to be providing investment advice. Champion Impact Capital and its affiliates make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the adequacy or accuracy of the information contained in this system and nothing herein is or shall be relied upon as a promise or representation or warranty whether as to past or future events. Prospective investors are not to construe the contents of this system or any other communication from Spark North Texas or its affiliates as providing assurances, whether expressed or implied, that the investment objectives desired by Investors will be realized or that any benefits or advantages to prospective investors of an investment in the projects herein suggested, implied or advocated in this system will be available or accomplished. All information contained herein has been input by third parties. In all cases, investors and donors must conduct their own examination of the materials herein and base their decisions upon their own expertise, criteria, or analysis.